03/16 2019

How to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else?

These days, a relationship has become complicated. Lots of people are committing the suicide due to the serious relations. As per researchers, you cannot ask certain questions from the girls.  Most of the people always want to ask about their previous relations and best friends as well.  Everyone wants a sexy woman for the sex. Girls who are sexy they are not physically so attractive. Therefore, a confident and healthy woman is always attractive and sexy. It is one of the most important things that one should analyze in the woman. Sexy is always depends on the personality and physically.

girlfriend has slept with someone else

A confident woman is always known a sexy and great than others. Therefore, if you are in a relationship and becoming serious about them, then you need to ask a question that is frustrating you. Following are the signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else.

  • Experience

If your girlfriend had done sex with their boyfriend or anyone else, then she will able to handle the complicated situations. She must have knowledge of the sex and romance.  All things depend on the experience because of the girls are hiding the sexual experience while doing the sex.

  • What about confidence?

An experienced woman will not have any nervousness in bed. She is really confident in handling the situations, and the further process would be easier for you. Your girlfriend will feel more comfortable and confident with you.  If possible, then one can ask from girlfriend has slept with someone else or not. An honest girl will give a complete explanation of previous relationships.

  • Estimate

Before telling anything else to her, she must have an estimate. If you are getting intimate, it means she has had sex with anything else.  Therefore, you need to analyze the whole situation carefully.  Hence, it would be better to talk about the past relationship and reason of the breakup carefully.

  • Initiate the sex

Most of the girls who have never done sex ever before, they will not ask for the sex and will not initiate sex. Just in case, if she is starting the sex then it means, she is enough experience and had done sex before.  Before starting the sex, it would be better to ask about the previous problems.

  • Consider the positions

While doing the sex, you need to pay close attention to the positions. If she has knowledge of different sex positions, then she’s slept with another man. Apart from that, your girlfriend will surely talk about dirty things with you. According to professionals, an experienced girl would be firecracker on the bed. Ultimately, you don’t have to invest extra efforts on the bed because she will handle the situation.

Additionally, above-mentioned are some important signs a woman slept with another man. Make sure that you are asking above past relationship experience. You have to ask face to face questions, and then one will get to know more about the breakup and other things